OCMW Menen


In Belgium, the Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) provides a wide range of social services, covering everything from financial and medical support to housing and legal advice. As part of their offering, they also manage several residential homes for the elderly. In 2014, OCMW Menen began constructing Andante, a new residential care center located on the edge of the city. In line with their commitment to offer a comfortable home to their residents, they began searching for a service provider who could assist them with setting up an in-room IPTV solution.


Tele-Signal delivered the winning pitch for Andante with Philips Professional Displays. As a systems integrator with nearly 40 years of experience providing solutions to hospitals, hotels, prisons and more, Tele-Signal had an in-depth understanding of all the possibilities that IPTV could offer. They challenged OCMW to think beyond in-room entertainment, and consider the ways that Philips Professional Displays could be used to enhance the day-to-day lives of the residents, without creating extra work for Andante’s staff.


To achieve this, Tele-Signal implemented a complete solution that addresses the needs of the care center, the residents and their visitors. The new setup included in-room Philips professional televisions, displays and signage in common areas, plus touch applications for easy interaction. As promised, the new system goes far beyond in-room entertainment. For example, Tele-Signal created a custom information channel for Andante. Through the easy-to-use content management system called Oscart, the staff can provide updates to the residents through their televisions, such as daily menus and upcoming events. The in-room televisions are also linked to a touch-screen service at the reception, called the People Locator. When visitors arrive, they use the screen to indicate who they are visiting, which then automatically alerts the resident that a visitor is on their way. Through the same system, it’s even possible to send pictures and personal messages. "Thanks to Tele-Signal’s creativity and perseverance, OCMW Andante now has in-house TVs and monitors that far exceeded our original expectations. After completing this project together, we believe that Tele-Signal Electronics is not just a supplier - they have become a true partner. " Pol van Hessche, director of OCMW Andante


A single system with a range of possibilities: Using an IPTV network, Tele-Signal used Philips professional displays to address a variety of needs, from signage and entertainment to communicating with residents.

A new way to interact with residents: The innovative People Locator gives residents peace of mind by alerting them that visitors are coming. It also makes it easier for visitors, doctors and other (medical) staff to quickly find a specific resident.

Easy-to-use content management: From updating their custom information channel to posting tonight’s dinner menu, the Oscart content management system makes it easy for the staff to add new information to the displays.

A long-term, full-service partnership: From the pitch and implementation to on-going support, Tele-Signal worked closely with OCMW Menen every step of the way. The long-term partnership between Tele-Signal, Philips and Oscart has also been crucial for overcoming challenges and developing creative, valuable solutions for Andante.

Tele-Signal looks forward to being able to support the information and entertainment needs of Andante and its residents for years to come.

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