Meeting Room

Oscart provides companies and offices with smart screens exactly where they can make a difference. A screen at the reception, in a conference room, the corridor, a dining room, auditorium or waiting room? Let’s work together and find the perfect fit. Do you have multiple meeting rooms that are frequently used? Connect to an Office 365 calendar with Oscart and visualize their availability instantly.

Simple solutions for efficient meetings.

Screen Mirroring

Sharing a presentation or entire computer screen on a large monitor is child's play thanks to Oscart Screen Mirroring. Forget about complex and expensive hardware or software. Simply connect Oscart to your local (WiFi) network and you're done. To mirror your screen, both video and audio, navigate to the address shown on the screen.

Each market deserves its own story









Most important advantages

User-friendly + training tool

Our smart cloud tool is extremely user-friendly for daily use. Moreover, we always provide instructional videos for each item.

Gradual rights system

The rights within your account can be broken down according to the responsibilities of the administrator.

Extensive planning tool

This planning tool ensures that you can prepare and schedule your presentation in advance. This way you can avoid last-minute stress. The planning tool also allows you to switch your screens on and off according to the opening hours.

Templates & lay-out management

Our team can create templates using your corporate identity lay-out, so that you can always create or copy uniform pages.

Extensive licensing model

Through our licensing model, each screen can contain a different license package, so you can easily add more or less features to each screen individually.

Remote management​

Manage your screens from any location, wherever you are.

User-friendly software

Thanks to the smart cloud application you can adjust the most diverse content on your digital screens (texts, messages, news, photos, videos, ...) via computer, tablet or telephone.

At your service

Having installed over 45,000 screens, Oscart is a select and passionate partner: from basic advice to a complete project approach. 

Every customer is unique and has different requirements and needs. 

We have adapted our online support tool “choose your level of service” so every customer can request support “à la carte” according to budget and speed of intervention.

Your story on so many screens?

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