Screen solutions for healthcare

Today's hospitals and healthcare institutions are investing more and more in digitization. Oscart offers them a total solution, from infotainment systems to digital signage in the corridors, keeping one goal in mind: increasing patient comfort.

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Interactive information

U wilt tegelijk je bezoekers verwelkomen, informeren en de juiste afbeelding tonen. Niet de gemakkelijkste taak, maar dankzij Oscart hoeft u zich geen zorgen te maken.

Easy content updates

Your screen content can be easily updated by any staff member to ensure the right information or entertainment is always provided.

External upgrades

Software updates can be performed remotely to ensure the latest features and security fixes are installed.

Low energy consumption

All selected displays require very low power consumption, which will allow you to reduce costs.

Future proof technology

New IPTV and digital signage functions can be quickly implemented without additional hardware or cabling, delivering fast and cost effective results.

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User-friendly software

Thanks to the smart cloud application you can adjust the most diverse content on your digital screens (texts, messages, news, photos, videos, ...) via computer, tablet or telephone.

At your service

Having installed over 45,000 screens, Oscart is a select and passionate partner: from basic advice to a complete project approach. 

Every customer is unique and has different requirements and needs. 

We have adapted our online support tool “choose your level of service” so every customer can request support “à la carte” according to budget and speed of intervention.

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