Disinfection columns

In a continuously changing environment, well thought out and safe solutions are essential. 

That’s why we co-founded Virusstop Club, a one-stop shop for a virus-free work environment by means of our slim and eye-catching disinfection columns.

Automatic dispenser ...

The automated dispenser is concealed, looks professional and can be used without any form of contact. The slim column has been specially designed for easy dispenser refills.

… with integrated screen

Thanks to the digital screen, targeted information can be provided where needed. The user-friendly Oscart cloud interface allows to quickly and flexibly display the right message.

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virus-free working environment?

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Virusstop Club & Oscart

What emerged as a brilliant idea during erratic times in the events sector, has grown into a great collaboration with an eye to a safe future.

Oscart was at the cradle and will help further develop a unique story with only one goal in mind:

Providing a functional & virus-free work environment.

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