Oscart and Tele-Signal join forces


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Oscart, software specialist in screen applications, joins forces with Tele-Signal, audiovisual screen system integrator. From now on, Oscart will function as a one-stop shop for digital displays, a simple cloud platform and creative content.


Leopold Vansteenkiste started Tele-Signal Electronics in 1978, a company that rented televisions to health centers and hospitals. In the second generation, Freddy Verbrugghe significantly enhanced the business. In 2003, his son Jochen Verbrugghe took over the company. The Tele-Signal range has enlarged a lot over the years. The clientele has expanded from the healthcare sector to numerous hotels, holiday parks, city services and businesses with a total of more than 45,000 screens.


As a manufacturer, Oscart has since 2015 been providing a smart cloud application which allows customers to manage their digital displays at a glance and inform people interactively. People process moving images up to 60,000 times faster than text and the eye can register up to 36,000 visual messages per hour. In other words, this digital tool is an energy efficient and economic response to bulletin boards of the past.

Joined forces

From now on, Oscart Group customers will be offered a global solution in which software, hardware and (shareable) content will operate under one roof. The long-term goal is to realize international ambitions.

International growth

Despite the competition, Oscart achieves very good results on important parameters such as usability and has the important advantage of vertical integrations by target group. Companies that have multiple branches can provide consistent information to their different houses, all over the world, thanks to the new package.

In the world of digital signage, Oscart aims at becoming the best European player.