Keep on enjoying De Druivelaar on your digital screens in 2021

Persmoment INNI en Oscart bij Spraystream over De Druivelaar


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At the beginning of this year INNI Group and Oscart Group decided to offer De Druivelaar as a widget, free of charge. Many residential care centres, hospitals, businesses and offices were able to benefit from a digital sheet of humour and wisdom on a daily basis.

Because of the great success, both parties have decided to continue this successful form of co-creation in 2021. From now on, all Oscart customers who sign up to De Druivelaar can display the popular daily calendar on their screens. This way your customers, patients or visitors can benefit from a piece of light information every day.

Interested in this digital version of De Druivelaar? Then contact us without any obligation and we will be happy to inform you.

De Druivelaar - Oscart - INNI